My priorities


Equitable, excellent, and ambitious educational opportunities for all kids.

We have talked for too long about achievement gaps when what we are really dealing with are opportunity gaps. The deficits aren’t in our kids – the deficits are systemic, and we can fight to reduce disparities and give every child a chance to realize their potential. We need to secure the resources to meet student needs, support high-quality instruction, and not let anyone put limits on what YCS kids can achieve.

Stakeholder voice.

Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast, and the best decision-making requires careful listening to students, families, teachers, and the community. That means going the extra mile to meet everyone where they are, and not being overwhelmed by the loudest voices.

Support for our teachers.

Teaching is incredibly hard work, and stable relationships with excellent teachers are one of the most important things that we can provide to our students. Our teachers and all school staff should be respected, valued, and supported, and they need to be equitably compensated.


It is not enough just to do good work – families and the broader community need to know what is happening, what is on the horizon, and where there are opportunities to get involved. Board members have an important outward-facing role to play by receiving and providing information about the work of the district and the needs of the community.

Education is not a zero sum game, and when our community comes together as a team to break down barriers we can improve outcomes for everyone. I would love to hear from you and listen to your questions, concerns, hopes, and dreams for our district!


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