About Me


I’m Maria Goodrich

I am an educator, parent, student, scientist, and ardent advocate for public schools.

Our schools are communities, not commodities. We all have the opportunity and the responsibility to support equity and excellence for every child in our district. I have been immersed in this effort in multiple ways and I am excited to do even more as a member of the Board of Education.

I show up for our schools.

Since 2017 I have attended or watched nearly every YCS Board of Education meeting and have recorded and publicly broadcast them to Ypsi Live for those who cannot be there in person. I’ve attended meetings with PTOs throughout the district and have participated in virtually every public education forum in our community – always listening, asking questions, and seeking understanding. You can also find me at fundraisers and district celebrations, supporting and lifting up the accomplishments of our schools, staff, and students.

I’m a dedicated teacher.

I live and breathe education, and I am always striving to make my own teaching better. I first became a college educator and union member in 2003. I spent seven years as an adjunct professor of biology at Marygrove College in Detroit where I served students who had much in common with the kids of our district – some were even Ypsilanti graduates. During that time I was also an environmental science research mentor for students from four Detroit high schools through the Third 90 Network. Currently I teach general microbiology labs at EMU.

I’ve been a YCS staff member.

In the 2018-2019 school year I provided K-12 science support for YCS. In this role I worked with teachers and administrators, managed curriculum resources, and coordinated volunteers and community partners throughout the district. We have amazing passion and potential here, and I want to see us bring it all together in a way that seamlessly meets the needs of our kids and our teachers and makes learning fun and exciting!

I’m a great student.

Being an effective board member requires a commitment and openness to learning, and I have been learning about education policy and about our district for years. First as a parent, and later as a district employee, I have visited and worked in every school, K-12, in YCS. I have spent countless hours talking with – and more importantly listening to – parents, teachers, and administrators. When policies at the local, state, or federal level affect our community’s kids, I study hard to understand the impacts and unintended consequences.

I’m a team player.

I believe in dialogue over debate and in presuming positive intentions from everyone. I am not afraid to share ideas and data or to ask hard questions. From my experiences as a collaborative member of faculty, board, and research teams, I know we are stronger together.

I’m a parent.

My child is a 6-year-old who is starting her 4th year with YCS and our family is committed to the district. Each board member represents every resident of the YCS, not particular constituencies, but I do believe there is value in having parents at the table who are immersed in the day-to-day experience of families with students in our schools.

I’m a scientist.

My research has ranged from supporting healthy lakes and rivers to fighting infectious diseases. Being a scientist is about making unbiased observations, critically analyzing data, and knowing what those data can – and can’t – tell you. This approach is essential whether you are comparing educational strategies or evaluating best-practices for safety in a pandemic.